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There is lots to see and do in Turks and Caicos, particularly if you appreciate wildlife. Turks and Caicos is home to some of the most incredible natural wildlife you will find anywhere and if you are lucky you can see dolphins, turtles and even whales. Diving or snorkelling is one of the most popular activities on the islands, with a coral reef system stretching almost 14-miles and a 2,134m underwater wall off Grand Turk island a popular migration route for all kinds of marine animals.

There are lots of companies that offer boating trips and excursions designed to help you get a better look at some of our native creatures, whale watching tours in particular, are often very popular with tourists.  Caicos Dream Tours offer exclusive and personalized snorkelling, fishing and private boat charters around Providenciales and the Turks & Caicos Islands as well as sunset cruises.

Turks and Caicos is also home to very rare and endangered rock iguanas. This species has almost been wiped out except on Little Water Cay island where they are protected. If you wish to see these friendly creatures, you can take a short boat trip from Providenciales to visit their tiny island home

Cruises and day trips

Cruises are a great way to explore the islands coastline and take in the incredible scenery. Perhaps you fancy hiring a luxury private charter for the day? Or maybe you’d prefer to go on a snorkelling cruise and explore Turks and Caicos’ stunning barrier reef which is the third largest in the world. Sunset cruises are also available and can be a great way to spend a romantic evening with your partner.

Some companies also offer day trips and tours which allow tourists to explore the many other islands Turks and Caicos has to offer. One of the most popular day trips with tourists is a visit to North and Middle Caicos. These islands offer spectacular landscapes as well as some beautiful secluded beaches. We highly recommend exploring the dozens of incredible uninhabited cays surrounding these islands as well a trip to Bottle Creek Lagoon and the East Bay Islands National Park.

Another popular day trip is to take the short ten-minute flight to South Caicos which is still largely undeveloped, making it an excellent place for hiking, fishing, paddling and other activities. The South Island is also a great place for nature spotting and there is a good chance you will come across flamingos, or even one of the donkeys that roam freely on the island.


Turks and Caicos really comes alive at night and there is plenty of entertainment suitable for both adults and children alike. Many of the main resorts host beach BBQ’s and bonfire events featuring live music and buffet style dining. These are often tremendously fun and tend to be very popular with tourists. Providenciales also has a great selection of beach bars and night clubs that are open long into the night, offering everything from karaoke and live music to quiz nights and throwback parties. The island even has its own Casino which can be found in the heart of grace bay and offers a classic range of table games & slot machines.


Due to the crystal-clear waters surrounding Turks and Caicos, watersports tend to be very popular among tourists. If you fancy heading out into the sea for a bit of fun, then Wake to Wake Watersports is the number one private water sports boat tour on Providenciales, offering wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing and much much more.  

If kayaking or paddle boarding is more your scene then you may want to check out Big Blue Collective who currently provide some of the best watersports experiences anywhere across the island. Established for over 20 years they currently offer a wide range of activities including kayaking, snorkelling, diving, boating and kiteboarding.

There are also companies offering more laid-back experiences such as boating excursions, fishing tours and snorkelling adventures. If this is something you’d be interested in, we recommend checking out Caicos Dream Tours who have developed a reputation for amazing marine experiences.

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