Island Club Turks


The Turks and Caicos Islands offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Whilst Grace Bay Beach is the largest and most popular beach, with its stunning white sands and bustling resorts, there are many other beautiful coastlines to explore. Long Bay Beach, on the southern, windward side of the island for example, is still largely undeveloped and is a also fantastic spot for kiteboarding. Leeward beach hidden at the end of Grace Bay is also a stunning location. Lots of conch shells wash up on the shore here, in all shapes and sizes, so for anyone looking to take home a memento this is the place to visit. 

One of the most popular tourist attractions on the island is Pirate’s Cove, a former pirate hideout and hidden cave that once served as a shelter. Tourists can climb a ladder down into the cave and explore its interior. Look out for the sailor’s inscription that dates back to 1842.

Another attraction that’s a must for tourists is an underwater tour of the island’s barrier reef which allows you to explore the beautiful inner reefs of Providenciales, five feet below the waves in a semi-submarine. Undersea Explorer offers tours for up to 16 passengers and is suitable for all ages and physical abilities. You can also enjoy entertaining and knowledgeable running commentary from an experienced guide.